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Are you digital enough for your passengers?

Airports have always been well connected places; hubs for people traveling to distant cities, countries and continents. But in our digital society, having the best airline network isn’t the only thing that counts. Parallel to their physical connection with origin and destination, passengers are connected to the entire world through the smartphones they carry and the smartwatches they wear. They are accustomed to this digital connection, and expect and deserve digital engagement with their airports, too. Shiny restrooms, lavish lounges and flawless signage aren’t sufficient the make the modern passenger happy – they also want 
up-to-date and personalized information, and meaningful interaction at every step of their journey.
‘It is 2019, and digital information is everywhere. Passengers have become accustomed to a high level of services and demand personalized information at their location, and in real-time’, says Herbert Seevinck, CEO of Mijksenaar.

The 2019 Digital Airport Index – is an independent and objective study on the level of digital services at 50 busiest airports per region. These reports follow the 2017 Digital Airport Indexes that were published in 2017 and 2018.

For the 2019 edition of the Digital Airport Index, the measurement criteria have been revised and made more granular. By updating the scoring system, Mijksenaar made sure that the resulting scores stay meaningful and distinctive in a rapidly maturing market.

The 2019 Index compares and rates the digital passenger services using the following criteria:

Connectivity, Communication, Consistency and Commerce.

The data for the 2019 Digital Airport Indexes was gathered in Spring of 2019.


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